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The 12 Waves of Christmas is a holiday event that takes place every year from 13th December to 25th Dcember with each day of the event releasing harder monsters with more expensive, powerful, and rare loot.

The event was first added in update 1.0.55 Alpha and was given a complete make over in update 1.1.05 Alpha including several new enemies, bosses, event specific lore, and even a pre-event Community Challenge known as "Santa's Hit List".

The event begins in the Holiday Zone town square and, depending on whether or not the players succeed at the wave objective, may take place in other zones as well.

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There are a total of 12 Waves in the event as mentioned in the title. Each wave after wave 1 contains at least 1 mini-boss and each wave after wave 6 contains at-least 1 boss.

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This wave takes place on 13th December from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm EST.

Wave 1 contains many level 15 - 25 Ice enemies such as Snowed Men, Yeeting Sleetings, and Cold Cutters. The main objective of this wave is to defend Santa's Workshop from being taken over by the enemies by protecting the four guard towers surrounding the workshop from enemy attacks. Players are assisted by CPU controlled guard elves during the duration of this first wave.

If players are unsuccessful in defending the four guard towers, they will not receive any help in the second wave of the event and will also receive less loot on the final day of the event.

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The enemies in this wave will mainly rush towards the left most guard tower first as it has the least amount of Elves protecting it. Hence, players should try to divert most of their forces to the left most tower using basic Melee - Ranged - Support arrangements. If this guard tower is destroyed however, the wave will become harder to manage as the enemies will then spread out evenly into 3 groups to each take down the other 3 towers.

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