The 1st Dimension

The 1st Dimension is below the 2nd Dimension, and is as far as the Multiverse goes in the opposite direction of the Edge Wall. Entities known as Dots come to the 1st Dimension from the Unknown, and are then made into other entities called Lines. From there, it is sent to the 2nd Dimension, where the Lines are made into Shapes, which will then be sent to the 3rd Dimension as matter. Nothing inhabits the 1st Dimension, at least, nothing that can be considered lines. It is nearly impossible to survive in the 1st Dimension for even an hour. Nonetheless, Titanian expeditions made it to the 1st Dimension, although barely any of them made it back. The 1st Dimension appears to be an all white space, like the 2nd Dimension, but with many lines on it, with no coordinate planes. It is currently against Cosmic Law to access the 1st Dimension.
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