The 2nd Dimension as we see it

The 2nd Dimension is below the 3rd Dimension, and thus outside all of its different timelines. The 2nd Dimension is inhabited by strange, seemingly sentient Shapes, which take the Lines made in the 1st Dimension and make them into 2d shapes, which will then be made into new universes within the 3rd Dimension, as all the inhabitants of the 2nd Dimension were given that task by God Himself. All items within the 2nd Dimension are simple, 2d geometric shapes. The 2nd Dimension appears to be a standard coordinate plane on a white background. When a player enters the 2nd Dimension, they also turn 2d, like a cartoon. However, if they remain in there for long, they will dissolve into shapes and die. Shapes form on the x and y axis, and have labeled points. It is currently against Cosmic Law to access the 2nd Dimension.
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