An expanse of galaxies within the 3rd Dimension.

The 3rd Dimension is the overall main setting for the game, as it houses the True Timeline. The 3rd Dimension houses all the timelines, and is the setting for almost all of the Great Titanian Civil War. Around the 3rd Dimension is the Barrier, separating it from the other dimensions. It also branches into the 3rd dimension, separating timelines from each other. Before the 3rd Dimension would be the 2nd Dimension. Beyond the 3rd Dimension would be the 4th Dimension. All beings from other dimensions have a great interest in the 3rd Dimension, as it is where the buildup of the 1st and 2nd Dimensions go to, and where God Himself has his grand plan play out. The 3rd Dimension does not only contain the standard timelines, but also the Dead Universes and corrupted timelines. The 3rd Dimension houses Humans, Titanians, other Aliens, magical creatures, and Celestial Entities. The 3rd Dimension is mainly comprised of the mortal plane, but also has many supernatural plains, such as The Meeting Room and Spook Plane 7.

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