The 4th Dimension

The 4th Dimension is above the 3rd Dimension and below the 5th Dimension. When the Multiverse was created, God Himself declared that the 4th Dimension would be used to house the corrupted and malformed elements of the lower dimensions, rather than simply erasing it. The 4th Dimension's true appearance cannot be perceived by 3rd Dimensional being, but due to its corrupted nature, it appears to be a glitched out, warped version of the 3rd Dimension. However, it lacks any artificial structures, mostly appearing to be made out of natural landscapes. The environment of the 4th Dimension will kill beings of lower dimensions very quickly, which means that they would require a Warping Protectional Suit to enter. However, entering the 4th Dimension is against Cosmic Law. The 4th Dimension is populated by Inversions. It is also filled with malformed and corrupted matter that would have gone to the 3rd Dimension. Some residue from the Corrupted Multiverse sometimes ends up in the 4th Dimension. In truth, the 4th Dimension is actually Time, but covered up by corrupted energy, which serves as a highly effective defense system, and is mainly a product of the wager between Heaven and Hell for the souls and sovereignty of all the cosmos.
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