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A.D.U. Juggernaut armor is a highly advanced, futuristic exosuit with immense capabilities. Despite appearing cumbersome and being extremely heavy, it is a very versatile and useful set. It decreases base movement speed, but allows the player to use a sprint function, fly with a jetpack, and survive in any environment. It is uncraftable, and is only obtainable by joining to late game players who join the A.D.U. Juggernaut Division and becoming a Juggernaut, or joining the Military and getting a commanding rank. The next tier is A.D.U. Elite Juggernaut Armor.


A.D.U. Juggernaut Armor is a large, bulky exosuit made with many layers of Keplerium and Imperialite. It is modeled after the armor of Intergalactic Empire Elite Infantrymen, as the whole Juggernaut Division was made in the image of the Empire. The armor is all white, with a helmet resembling that of the Imperial Infantrymen, sporting emblems on its right breast and on its right knee, and ranking on its shoulders. As the player progresses in rank, their armor will gain red seals with long white ribbons as an extra cosmetic for their armor. The exosuit has a large, bulky jetpack on its back. A wrist armament can retract from the right gauntlet if needed.


+ Despite its seemingly cumbersome and restrictive frame, it allows for rather great mobility

+Extremely resistant to all forms of damage

+Melee damage tripled

+Allows player to fly and hover using the jetpack

+Player can survive in any environment, including the void of space

+Nanotech weaponry can be deployed if needed

+Magnet boots allow player to walk on solid surfaces in zero gravity environments

-Player cannot swim, but can walk on the bottom

-Movement speed reduced. Sprint ability available, but can only be used for 16 seconds.

-If built in weapons overheat, movement speed is greatly decreased and built in weaponry cannot be deployed until cooldown is complete


  • A different version of A.D.U. Juggernaut armor has also been seen, mostly on snow covered worlds. However, this version is unobtainable by players. The game's files has it listed as "Coldfront_Exosuit"