A Boxed-off Start was originally the first quest of the game. It introduces the movement controls, dialog system and the combat system. However, it was later put among many similar quests, with the tutorial parts being available in the first quest the player commences. If the player chooses to start the game without being a part of any faction, they will automatically begin A Boxed-Off Start.

Description Edit

You are enjoying a nice day with your family until suddenly you hear people screaming outside. You run outside where some kind of cardboard box being tries to eat you. You wake up in the Cardboard Zone. There is a sign, cardboard boxes, evil cardboard boxes and a bar.

What do you do?

Story Edit

You wake up in New Boxington where Boxy (a cardboard box) asks you to protect his sister who is being attacked by demon cats in the bar.

The protagonist defeats the demon cats with help from bartender.

Boxy's sister gives the protagonist 50 G and Boxy tells them that he might have some work for them later.

Reward Edit

The protagonist gets 50 G from Boxy's sister and 100 XP for defeating the demon cats. This gets the protagonist to level 2. After the quest the player is instructed to open the skill tree. Completing this quest unlocks Freedom flies in New Boxington.

Trivia Edit

  • The player can fail this quest by attacking Boxy, Boxy's sister, the bartender, getting knocked out or killed. This will give the player a game over.
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