Admiral K. Naddy is an A.D.U. navy admiral who served during the Trans Galactic War. He led many assaults in Mr. President's name against the Intergalactic Empire, and was one of the main organizers on the Assault on the Star Palace. Not much else is known about him, but after the Trans Galactic War, there is an unexplained encounter with him on the Moon, where he rides a robot unicorn, and asks the player to join him in a "Space Crusade". If the player refuses, Naddy will become upset and leave. If the player accepts, they will fly away with Naddy at 9 times the speed of light to the edge of known space, where Naddy is leading a campaign against the Star Heretics.

Description Edit

Kent Naddy is a human male, seen in either a suit or his uniform during the Trans Galactic War. During his Moon encounter, he wears an A.D.U. Colonization Ops space suit, with armor modifications. He also wields a knife and rides a robot unicorn, which carries the skulls of many aliens on its side.

Quotes Edit

"Come on, we're going on a space crusade!"

-Admiral Naddy's quest.

Trivia Edit

  • His Moon encounter is still unexplained.
  • He originally used as a previous President, but the Trans-Galactic War update made him into an admiral.
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