Alien is a broad term that refers to species that did not originate on Earth, the game's starting planet. The appearance of an alien can vary greatly from race to race. Some aliens are known to be compatible with magic, while others are not.

Description[edit | edit source]

Aliens vary in appearance and biology. Some appear almost identical to humans, and others simply share humanoid builds, but have their own distinctions, such as natural armor, fur, horns, tails, claws, skin color, more eyes, lack of nose or earlobes, and other features.

Society[edit | edit source]

Aliens vary in society. Some are primitive and never went off-world, while others are industrialized and created interplanetary empires.. Some aliens despise other species, while others embrace them. No matter what direction they go, they all seem to have an interest in humans.

Known Alien Races[edit | edit source]

  • Titanian
  • Phoomboombadites
  • Belisonians
  • Vixeons
  • Cruggians
  • Rammubi
  • Unidentified Reptilians (Astrox system)
  • Unidentified Sapient Gastropods (Astrox system)
  • Unidentified Yellow-Skinned Aliens (Milky Way)
  • Unidentified Black Skinned Aliens (Intergalactic Empire)
  • Veerun Astropus
  • Larondians
  • Swarmer

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Many aliens are known to be willing to acknowledge themselves as aliens in relation to Humans.
  • Most sentient aliens are humanoid. Some are physically indistinguishable from humans. The cause of this is unknown, although it could be parallel evolution.
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