Anti-Celestial Pistols are heavily advanced laser pistols developed by the Government. As the name suggests, the gun is meant to kill a Celestial Entity. The pistol is commonly seen among Government Agents and members of the Military Supernatural Defense Corp, the Advanced Supernatural Defense Corp, and the Military Containment Division. The guns are able to cut clean through metals as strong as Imperialite, and can even breach light Uux armor in two or three shots. Anti-Celestial Pistols resemble a futuristic, boxy gun that folds outwards when active. On average, Anti-Celestial Pistols can kill a Lesser Celestial Entity in two or three shots, kill a Celestial Entity in about ten shots, and a Greater Celestial Entity in 100 shots or more. Almost all mortal enemies die in one shot. The gun itself has a self-recharging power core, long range, and great accuracy, but a slow rate of fire. It can also hit incorporeal Celestial enemies, such as Novamen. They are the smaller counterparts of the Anti-Celestial Rifle. Attempting to pick up an Anti-Celestial Pistol as non-Military/non-Government will cause the weapon to either shock the player or self-destruct. Due to the weapon's ability to destroy Celestial Energy, it is a good counter to Magic.

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