Anti-Celestial Rifles are the larger, more effective counterpart to the Anti-Celestial Pistol, and are also meant to kill a Celestial Entity. It is commonly used by soldiers in the Military Containment Division, Supernatural Defense Corp, Advanced Supernatural Defense Corp, and occasionally by Government agents. The rifle is large, and slows movement speed by 2%. However, it deals several times more damage than the Anti-Celestial Pistol. On average, it can kill almost any non-Celestial enemy that is not classified as a boss in one hit, kill a Lesser Celestial Entity in one hit, kill a Celestial Entity in four or five hits, and can kill a Greater Celestial Entity in 50 or more hits. It has longer range and greater accuracy than an Anti-Celestial Pistol, and fires more rapidly. However, if the amplification is increased, it deals more damage but at a much slower rate of fire, and will need to cool down. At maximum amplification, it can hit any incorporeal enemy. Attempting to pick up an Anti-Celestial Rifle as non-Military and non-Government will cause it to either shock the player or self-destruct. Due to the weapon's ability to destroy Celestial Energy, it is an excellent counter to Magic.

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