Anti-Vaxxers are rather common enemies, and can be found in the certain districts of the lowest levels of megacities such as Newer York, and the pocket dimension of Cringetopia. They are usually armed with sheer stupidity, which manifests itself in physical form as a sort of blast, although they can also carry guns and other forms of weaponry. Anti-Vaxxers often have low health, but often attack in groups. Since they have no vaccines, they can be quickly killed by any sort of poison or toxin. They can also be quickly killed and turned into a Zombie by zombie viruses or necromancy spells, although they will naturally rot away and eventually dissolve where they stand after a short amount of time. Anti-Vaxxers are often shot on sight by City Guards and Terran Security Units, as they are regarded as fear-mongers, and in a way, terrorists, as they kidnap children from hospitals to prevent them from being vaccinated.


Anti-Vaxxers are Human citizens of the Government who have developed a misguided and radical ideology that vaccines are evil, the cause of autism, and a front for the "Big Pharma." However, despite the overwhelming evidence against their case, they continue to believe that vaccines and most other forms of modern medicine used by the Government are evil. They hid in the lowest levels of megacities to try and spread their beliefs among the criminals and other lowlifes, although even they knew enough to call the Anti-Vaxxers idiots.


Anti-Vaxxers can be almost identical to a normal human civilian, but there are some clues that give them away, such as a crazed expression, dirty/worn out/messy clothing, carrying sick and dying children, and pamphlets against vaccines.


Health 50-100
Fire Resistance 0%
Physical Resistance 0%
Magic Resistance 0%
Energy Resistance 0%
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