Bones Malone and


the Spooky Bois are a group of Spooky Bois that assault random buildings, especially pubs and bars, demanding calcium. If killed, they drop their tommy guns and large piles of Spook Coins. The player can stop them from attacking by giving them calcium. If they are not given calcium, they will attack with their tommy guns.

Origins Edit

The origins of Bones Malone and the Spooky Bois is unknown. However, it is known that they have been operating for a long time, and have been searching for calcium.

Description Edit

Bones Malone and the Spooky Bois resemble human skeletons. Bones Malone himself wears a black suit with a grey hat, and his henchmen wear suits with different shades of brown and grey.

Stats Edit

Health 800 (Bones Malone)

700 (Henchmen)

Fire Resistance 50% (all)
Physical Resistance 45% (all)
Magic Resistance 75% (all)
Energy Resistance 50% (Bones Malone)

20% (henchmen)

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