Bounty Hunting is a side quest that the player can do on their own. The player has to complete at least 10 bounty encounters to get a A1-Civilian-Pass. The player can check which NPCS are wanted and if they are allowed to kill them or not at the City Guard Stations. Some targets are not in the lore and are simply beta targets made to test the mechanic, such as Finger_Circle and D3DERRUN'IN. Rewards are usually given in Gold, especially for the early stages of the game, but later bounties give their rewards in Space Credits.

List of Bounty Targets[edit | edit source]

The list of bounty targets constantly changes.

Name Gang, Cult or Faction Last Known Location Found in Fate for reward Reward
Boxnapper Boxnapper's Gang Cardboard Zone Towns Dead or Alive 2000 G
Doctor P. Bänäna Unknown Potassium Zone Potassium Zone Alive 2000 G
Mark Zucc (Lizard) Zucc Cult

Lizard People

Scorching-Sands Zone Newer York (Lower Levels) Alive 3000 G
Anti-växmom Papa Nurgle's followers Newer York Outside Newer York Dead 3000 G
Mark Zucc (Human) Zucc Cult Cybercity Cybercity or Newer York Dead or Alive 5000 G
T-1SER1EZ Unknown Iron Grid City Iron Grid City Destroyed 10000 G
D3DERUN'IN Unknown Proxima hell Proxima hell Dead 10000 G
PETA Unknown Newer York Newer York Dead 10000 G
Demon Cat Unknown Cardboard Zone Cardboard Zone (New Boxington) Alive 3000 G
Banana Duck Horley None Potassium Zone Potassium Zone Dead or Alive 3000 G
Shooty Mc Dice Man Unknown New Angeles New Angeles Dead or Alive 3000 G
Finger_Circle Unknown Sky Sky Dead 3000 G
Green text dealer Pepe Unknown None Dark alleys Dead or Alive 5000 G
T-2SER2EZ Unknown Newer York New Angeles Destroyed 5000 G
FlipFlapEarther FlipFlapEarther New Angeles Newer York Dead or Alive 5000 G
Zuckerbot Zucc Cult Newer York Newer York Destroyed 15000 G
Player's Brother or Sister Unknown Player's Starting Zone Player's Starting Zone Dead 1000000 G
Player's Choice Player's Choice Player's Choice Player's Choice Player's Choice Player's Choice
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