The Boxy quest series is the first quest series implemented into the game. If the player chooses to start the game belonging to no faction/guild, then they will spawn in The Cardboard Zone and instantly start the quest "A boxed-off start". If they choose to start the game belonging to a faction/guild, then they will start with a faction-specific opening quest, which are all similar to the Boxy quest series.

Quests Given by Allies Description Reward
A boxed-off start Boxy Boxy, Bartender (Tom) First quest of the game, protect a cardboard lady from demon cats in a bar. 50 G, 100 XP
Freedom flies in New Boxington Boxy Boxy, Bartender (Tom) Escape the city guards. 100 XP
To live and die in Boxwood Forest Boxy Boxy, Tom Steal money from a house filled with demon cats. 2000 G, 200 XP
Getting the money Boxy Boxy or Tom Fight against Boxy or Tom and pay off your bounty. Trust Tom:

1000 G, 1000 XP,

Box cutter of regret

Trust Boxy:

6000 G, 1000 XP

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