Bringing pain upon those who lie in truth's face is the first quest of the "Fighting illness with logic and fists" quest series/storyline. This quest takes place in Newer York. The protagonist encounters a suicidal doctor who asks the protagonist to eliminate 22 anti-vaxxers and vaccinate 5 children.

There is a optional mini-boss that can only be encountered during the "Fighting illness with logic and fists" quest series.

To complete this quest the player has to vaccinate all unvaccinated children and return to the Doctor Gesund.

Denial City Edit

There are 7 anti-vaxxers and 2 unvaccinated children in Denial City.

Denial City is right outside the cyberformed plains that engulf cities like Newer York, right on the border with the Canadian region, and is one of the last places in which anti-vaxxers are allowed to live.

Autism Mountain Edit

There are 5 anti-vaxxers and 2 unvaccinated children at the Autism Mountain. Usually child 1 will ask the protagonist whether or not they killed her father.

Idiotisch Camp Edit

Idiotisch Camp is a camp at which anti-vaxxers hide from the Government and normal people, located on uncyberformed land further up in the Canadian region, away from the cyberformed land and large cities in the Government-controlled United States region.

There is one unvaccinated child at Idiotisch Camp. There are 10 anti-vaxxers at Idiotisch Camp.

Idiotisch Camp has two guards. If the player sneaks past them he can take out Hoaxy Holly without any enemies noticing.

Karen Chungus Edit

Karen Chungus is a optional mini-boss during this quest. She can only be found while returning to Doctor Gesund.

Karen Chungus is also a mini-boss during several other "Fighting illness with logic and fists" quests.

Quotes Edit

"Those anti-vaxxers... I can't believe it. HOW? WHY!? Oh, hello. Can... can you help me with something." ― Doctor Gesund
"It's the autism that doctors want to put in our children!" ― Naturalist Nancy
"Great! I always hated him." ― Child 1 if you tell her you killed her father
"At least he doesn't have those chemicals floating around his body, right?" ― Hoaxy Holly

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