Brodieboy-12s, or Buggers, as they are called in slang terms, are the standard weapon of the Englatron Security Division. They can be found on the Black Market, sold by Military merchants, or taken off of dead Englatron Security units. Brodieboy-12s are short, bulky, rectangular laser rifles that fires yellow lasers. They have a strap connecting the gun to the user's belt. It can also be used as an arm sling. The Brodieboy is a two handed weapon. It has a a laser sight, and has long range and good accuracy. It has a fast rate of fire, but deals slightly less damage than most laser rifles. Brodieboys are powered by self recharging power cells, which are inserted through the secondary grip. The weapon itself also weighs less than most other laser rifles, and deals extra damage against alien enemies. Brodieboys have a white emblem on their sides, which resembles a circle with a capital T inside of it.

Background Edit

Brodieboy-12s are the current version of Brodieboy rifles. The original Brodieboys were heavy pulse rifles, requiring physical ammunition. They were developed by the Military, being manufactured sometime after Englatron was founded. They are used all throughout the Englatron Security Division as a standard weapon, and are not often seen in other parts of Military space. Some are sold by Military merchants, however.

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