The Buff Spooky Boi is a neutral NPC that spawns in a graveyard. He demands calcium from the player. If the player gives him calcium, he shall reward them with Spook Coins. If they refuse, he will attack them with his fists and by throwing funeral cars. If killed, he drops 500 Spook Coins.


The Origins of the Buff Spooky Boi are unknown, but he was a champion fighter at one point. He constantly seeks out more calcium to enhance his bone-like body.


The Buff Spooky Boi resembles a basic Human skeleton, but his arms and legs are large and shaped like muscles, and his ribcage is also notably large and protruding, similar to a muscular chest.


Health 900
Fire Resistance 45%
Physical Resistance 90%
Magic Resistance 85%
Energy Resistance 10%

Quotes Edit

"Your calcium, hand all of it over."

-Demanding calcium

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