Bug that causes powerful bosses to simply turn themselves in to the police, as demonstrated by a Titanian warlord going quietly with the city guards

Bugs and glitches are suprisingly common in the game, as its vast size and many mechanics cause problems. Most of the bugs were patched, such as the Multiversal Stones, which were removed and replaced with Matter Stones.

Known Bugs Edit

  • Bug that causes extremely powerful bosses to merely turn themselves in to the city guards. This is due large bosses use the same interface as characters, except for the ability to leave dialogue, so if they begin to attack civilians, a city guard gives them the options to pay his bounty or go to jail, but, since some of the bosses have a clause in their decision tree that says the they can't use money to get out of problems and they can't leave, they have to pick "go quietly", and are escorted out in a cop car, which they promptly break out of because they're a high level boss. The interface was added in to prevent odd moments where a boss is in a monologue and then randomly closes out.
  • Bug that causes bosses to spawn and act like normal NPCs. Some will still attack if provoked.

    High level Alien Hunter boss acting as a normal civilian on the commute

  • Bug that causes meteors and debri from space to spawn inside of the Great Wall of Terra
  • Bug that causes Military units to equip the wrong weapons
  • Glitch that makes the player's model disappear
  • Bug that causes props to get stuck on the ceiling
  • Glitch that makes pets fall through the floor
  • Glitch that makes pets get stuck in the ground
  • Bug that made Military recruitment officers try to recruit wizards
  • 9kq2piiw1oo11

    Terran Security trooper that spawned with the helmet of an Intergalactic Empire Infantryman

    Bug that equips the wrong armor pieces on soldiers
  • Glitch that gets vehicles stuck in the ground
  • Common T-pose bug
  • Bug that made Matter Stones into "Multiversal Stones".
  • Bugs that allow bosses and other enemies to ride public transportation vehicles, such as Megacity Ground Transports, like a normal civilian would.
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