Captain Ludwig Von Motorbike is a miniboss that spawns in random areas in Germany. He usually does not attack unless provoked, and uses his armored motorcycle to attack. His bike's guns deal heavy ballistic damage to players, and his high speed allows him to outrun and outmaneuver players. However, if his bike is destroyed, he will be weakened with only a pistol to defend himself. While attacking, he sometimes peeks out of the top hatch of his motorcycle. If he is shot in the head while peeking out, he will be killed and the player can take his motorcycle.

Description Edit

Ludwig Von Motorbike wears a standard German uniform. He has short, neatly combed hair that fits under his tanker's cap. His motorcycle is covered in boxy metal armor and has a 2 turrets on both the right and left sides. There is a single turret in the front and one in the back. On top of the motorcycle, there is a hatch. On the motorcycle's side, there is a symbol of the German army.

Quotes Edit

"Are you an enemy of ze Reich or a Jude? Because if you are..."

-Captain Ludwig Von Motorbike's first interaction with the player.

Stats Edit

Health 900 (With bike)

90 (Without bike)

Fire Resistance 95% (With bike)

0% (Without bike)

Physical Resistance 85% (With bike)

5% (Without bike)

Magic Resistance 0%
Energy Resistance 0%

Trivia Edit

  • If the player is in the German Faction, Captain Ludwig Von Motorbike will be friendly to them.
  • Captain Ludwig Von Motorbike instantly attacks if the player is in any faction that the German Faction is at war with.
  • If the player is killed by Captain Ludwig Von Motorbike, the game over screen will show Ludwig saying "Du verdammter jude", no matter what class, race, or gender the player was.
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