Megacities are large, sprawling, cyberformed multilevel Government cities. They rise many levels into the sky and go down far more levels into the planet's surface. The Ground and Lower Levels, the most populated levels of megacities, are made up of middle and low class Government citizens, wandering robots, and criminals, with conditions getting worse the deeper one goes down. At the lowest megacity levels, most of the space is occupied with industrial buildings and power generators linked to the global power grid. Criminals and bounty hunters are quite common down there. In the Upper Levels, socialites, cosmopolitans, and the wealthy reside in lavish residences in the sky, overlooking everything the Government has accomplished. The Ground Levels are more commercial, and have a lot of attractions centered around the passing adventurers. Megacities are surrounded by large walls, often separating them from the Cyberformed Plains, uncyberformed land, and their own suburbs.

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