Celestial Entities are a non-playable race and the standard Celestials, and also refer to a classification rather than a single species.

Description Edit

Based on their species, Celestial Entities can vary greatly in appearance. Celestial Entities have a range of supernatural abilities, and are immortal and are heavily resistant to mortal attacks and magic. Their bodies could be physical, partly physical, incorporeal, or made up of pure celestial energy. They are very durable, and usually generate visible and detectable Celestial energy. Many of them follow the supernatural "trend" of appearing to be a human or humanoid with an object for a head.

History Edit

Despite being the second form of Celestial Entities, they are considered the standard, and are the second most populous. They had formed in the 3rd Dimension sometime after the first Greater Celestial Entites. They are often small rulers and officials within the Celestial empires.

Society Edit

Celestial Entities have varying societies. Most are under Greater Celestials and rule over Lesser Celestial Entites, while others have their own unique societies. They mostly act as commanders or elites units.

Stats Edit

  • Near immunity
  • Heavy resistance to magic attacks
  • Advanced magical abilities
  • Other stats variable
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