The Chronicle Timeline is an alternate version of the game's standard timeline. It has appeared to have gotten heavy attention from the Titanians. It exists on the edge of the Multiverse, among many other timelines and below other dimensions and universes.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Chronicle Timeline is very similar to the True Timeline, only deviating after the cyberforming of the Hell Fields. After the cyberforming of the Hell Fields, cyberformed land began to evaporate, leaving behind large patches of nothingness. The Government and Military evacuated most of the population. Earth was completely evaporated, and the planetary shield was retracted. Then, the Earth reformed, back in its original primitive state. Many warring tribes suddenly appeared on the map. Earth was recolonized, but differently this time. The Military did not take a large hold, and instead took what was once the United States and Mexico. There were no civilians on Military territory, it was all bases and fortifications. Other factions rebuilt themselves on the rest of the world, with Blue Star taking a heavy hold. The Moon stayed under Military control. The Capitol had detached from Earth and became a space station before joining with the newly founded New Earth. From there, Titanians visited Earth, certain faction members got Gauntlets, and the Archmage faction was built up, introducing many new NPCs and enemies. Most quests progressed normally. The Titanians took great interest in this timeline, documenting it and how it differed from the True Timeline.

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