Origin: Unknown Edit

Location: Random, the Cloaked Traveller can be found on any planet. Edit

First appearance: "A sand-filled murder" Edit

Description: Edit

Cloaked Traveller is a rare quest-giver that appears on any planet, just a bit hard to find, since one of him is on each planet. His quests can range from Beginner to Expert difficulty, and you get the more rewards the harder the quest he gives you. If you get a quest from him for the first time, he will assign you the Beginner difficulty quest "A sand-filled murder", where the objective is to Eliminate 4 Sand Guardians (hostile), and 1 Giant Sand Guardian (hostile) in the village of Vatir, on Planet Sahar.

Appearance Edit

Cloaked Traveller wears a tux black cloak, with a regular black scarf wrapped around his head, and also black boots. Basically everything he wears is black. Black leggings too.

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