Cosmic Law is a set of rules put down by The Mode with guidance from God Himself, meant to help govern the Multiverse. The first set of Cosmic Law was send down from the 5th Dimension to the 3rd Dimension, where the Celestial Entities and Titanians adopted it. There are other forms of Cosmic Law, such as Celestial Law, Abstract Law, Titanian Law, and Time Law. However, they all fall under the greater category of Cosmic Law. Cosmic Law was later updated with the help of Celestials, Titanians, and Abstract Concepts, such as King of Dark.

Cosmic Law is as follows (still WIP):

  1. No being of a higher dimension may act as the Paramount (God).
  2. No being of a higher dimension may conquer a lower dimension.
  3. No being of a lower dimension may make themselves as high as a being from a higher dimension.
  4. The Barriers are set and shall not be crossed without authorization.
  5. The 4th Dimension may not be entered, tampered with, or brought over to lower or higher dimensions.
  6. The 1st Dimension and 2nd Dimension are not to be tampered with or entered.
  7. Universes must remain separate unless contact is placed between them by the proper authorities.
  8. Abstract Concepts are not to directly interfere with the actions of the Dimensions, only maintain their concepts. However, they may establish Factions to help oversee their concepts.
  9. Factions established by Abstract Concepts must be neutral, and keep limited developments.
  10. The Edge Wall is not to be crossed.
  11. Beings of lower dimensions must answer to the authority of the 5th Dimension, and all beings within the Multiverse will answer to the authority of Heaven.
  12. Attempting to recreate the primordial powers that built up Space Stones, Uux, and the 3rd Dimension is illegal.
  13. Conspiring with a demon or higher being for personal gain or other gains is illegal.
  14. Entering the Multiverse from Hell is illegal and is punishable by termination or imprisonment in The Void.
  15. The Void is to remain in its place.
  16. Cosmic time is to remain flowing.
  17. Use of time travel for personal gain is illegal, and will be punished by the Time Police.
  18. Mortals may not interfere with non-mortals unless they are asked to or given authorization.
  19. Higher beings may not directly interfere in the actions of the mortals unless it directly affected them.
  20. Non-mortal beings may not create superior life forms for their personal gains.
  21. Resisting the authority of the Court or of Heaven will result in either termination or being cast into The Void.
  22. The creation of cosmic weapons of destruction without authorization is illegal and is punishable by termination.
  23. Interfering with the Observation is illegal and punishable by imprisonment in The Void.
  24. Lesser Celestial Entities and Celestial Entities are subject to be judged by Greater Celestial Entities.
  25. Items from the 5th Dimension may not be sold or distributed to beings of lower dimensions without proper authorization.
  26. Items from the 4th Dimension are illegal to sell or distribute in lower or higher dimensions.
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