Cringetopia is one of the mega dungeons of the game.

Cringetopia can be entered by beating the mirror building dungeon, which is hidden in the basement levels of an abandoned Newer York clinic, and will be accessible by reentering the building.

Description Edit

Cringetopia looks like a vandalized lower level district of Newer York. However, it is not a lower level district, but rather, a giant dungeon in some kind of pocket realm. You can quit Cringetopia via the same building you used to enter it, this place contains multiple dungeons and quest giving characters. Be careful, staying in Cringetopia for too long will (in plus of spawning the awaiter of the dungeon) make you lose your sanity and could even turn you into a dummy.

Common enemies Edit




tik-tok users

Flat earthers

Sub-dungeons Edit

the autism mountain (easy)

the hospital labyrinth (hard)

tik-tok corporation (hard)

furclub (easy)

Raids Edit

cringetopia street (hard)

furcon (easy)

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