Cyber Eyes are an Imperial cybernetic unlocked by gaining the Hasta la vista, baby achievement, which is unlocked by killing 40 Cyberformed Terrans. The Cyber Eye itself resembles the left eye of the robotic endoskeleton of the Cyberformed Terrans, It is made from Imperialite, and unlike most armor pieces, it does not provide protection from damage, and can only be destroyed by killing the player. However, it will regenerate with them when they respawn. The Cyber Eye will appear to be a part of the player's body, and will thus change to fit different races. The Cyber Eye allows the player to see the true form of enemies from the 3rd Dimension in various ways. It will show the player if the NPC or object they are being faced with is a Mimic, a Celestial Entity, a Cyberformed, or another type of being in disguise. It can also allow the player to see behind a wall that is in front of them, and detect enemies that are behind cover. When unequipped, the player's eye will return to normal, and it is not explained how that is possible.
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