The Cybercity town square

The Cybercity is a sprawling, underground, cyberpunk themed, digitized city where technology has taken over the social and political system. It is very reminiscent of the multilevel Government megacities. Cybernetics are all the range (and mandatory to enter) meaning anybody within the city must be careful of downloading viruses, as now computer viruses can do more than just annoy you with popups. Low level enemies include Scriptkiddies, who, when attacking, have a 25% chance of hacking into your cyberware. This acts identical to low level mind-control of earlier areas. Their other attacks consists of blunt weapons (assorted: 2-4 damage; crushing type), and if no cyberware is present on the player; signalling the digital-police force. At some point during the Trans-Galactic War, the Cybercity began to lose popularity, and after the Trans-Galactic War, it was practically controlled by Megacorp.

Location and access:
The Cybercity can only be accessed after finding the black memory stick within the Vaporcave. It only spawns after you drain the Red from The Vapormaze and complete the Surreal Renaissance quest-line. Plugging the black memory-stick into any computer terminal with a tech-level of 6 and above with teleport you to the Cybercity gates. To access, move to the immigration office. You must have cyberware in order to pass, or sneak into the city using the Trojan Horse item found within Digital India.

The Glowing-Wasteland

The Cybercity is not located within the game map, as it is a digital zone, and can only be accessed via teleport. However it is theorized to be located under the Glowing Wasteland. If this were true, however, the Cybercity would've been destroyed by the Government after the Glowing Wasteland was cyberformed.

Other Notes:

  • It was recommended to get the Cybercity on your side during the original end-game war. They are effective at disabling force-fields and finding access to stealth routes within the original end-game citadels. Having to fight against them; although much weaker on the surface, may still pose a threat to players with cyberware.
  • Players with the Amish perk can upgrade to Cyberamish within the city, making the worst perk in the game become one of the strongest in the long-run
  • It is recommended to upgrade your science and computer perks as high as you can before you enter.
  • Don't bother with Charisma perks, the citizens of the cybercity will be too autistic for charisma to work on them.
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