Workers getting the blueprints to roadblocks for the Cyberformers

Cyberformers are massive machines that would be used to cyberform large areas of land, able to go all the way down to the core of a planet. The first cyberformers were Titanian models, used to make Planetoid-class cruisers. The next most notable example of cyberformers were Imperial models, such as the ones used on World Assimilator warships. Tower-like models were used to cyberform planets to make Planetoid Motherships. After the Trans Galactic War, the Military improved the Imperial models, and used them to cyberform large parts of Earth, which was effectively the first time cyberforming has been used for civil purposes. Cyberformed land was connected to global power grids from the Iron Grid City, and was built into multilevel cities, such as Newer York, New Angeles, The Capitol, and more. Cyberformers built by the Government still resemble the Imperial model, but are more effective and only half their size. They resemble large towers segmented into three parts, with glowing red elements at their top faces, and cable armaments to help with the cyberforming process. Cyberformers turn organic material in the ground into solid metal, effectively making planets into solid metal, or into elaborate structures, like the Imperial and Government models. Government cyberformers, like Imperial cyberformers, create Imperialite, although the first model of Government cyberformers made Keplerium. Cyberformers have made completely mechanized planets that became metropolitan hubs and industrial powerhouses. The Government made their own type of Cyberformer, which resembled a large box, and was far more effective than the older models, and despite the initial appearance, actually smaller than the Imperial tower-like models. Other models include a floating, diamond-like model and the Planetoid-like Imperial model of the World Assimilator starships.

A Government-made advanced Cyberformer

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