Cyborgs are a sub-race consisting of cybernetically enhanced members of other species, whether they be sentient, humanoid, or otherwise. Cyborgs are often immune to toxins, illnesses, curses, and highly resistant to different forms of damage. Their cybernetics often grant them abilities that they did not have as organics, but often decreases their sensitivity to Magic.

Description Edit

Cyborgs vary greatly in appearance, ranging from individuals with their cybernetics completely hidden beneath synthetic skin to cyborgs with bulky and protruding mechanical parts. Cybernetics can be made to simply replace a lost part in appearance and function, or enhance a part with new functions and a vastly different appearance. Cyborgs can also implement extra limbs or replace limbs with different appendages, such as arachnid legs, tendrils, or hovertech. Weaponized cybernetics often protrude very visibly.

History Edit

Cyborgs first came into existence in the years before the Old Titanian Empire. Cybernetics at the time were for exclusively medical purposes, only later being adapted for civilian and military use. At first, cyborgs often found themselves subjected to altered regulations, but these lightened as time went on. Cyborgs became very common following the start of the Great Titanian Civil War, quickly becoming a staple of advanced societies. While on less developed and backwater worlds, cyborgs were seen as little more than robots or as a horrifying concept, they were a symbol of wealth and nobility on the more advanced and wealthier worlds. Cyborgs often formed their own societies, either on their own worlds or within the greater society of the sovereign state they were a part of. Throughout their existence, cyborgs are commonly associated with stigmas and fears of mechanical augmentation, such as cyberphobia.

Society Edit

Cyborgs do not have their own race-wide society, as they are still members of other species. However, they have been known to form their own social and political groups exclusively for cyborgs. On some worlds, especially those in the Government, they are treated the same way one would treat an organic, while on other worlds, their treatment can range from second-class citizens to that of nobility. Many hold fears and stigma against cyborgs, while others seek to augment themselves for the sheer enhancement and symbol of power and wealth that comes with sophisticated cybernetics.

Stats Edit

Average Health At least 100 above their normal health
Average Fire Resistance Variable
Average Physical Resistance Variable
Average Magic Resistance Greater than their normal resistance
Average Energy Resistance Variable
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