Death is a rarely-seen NPC that appears in certain areas of the game, most often in the mid to late game stages. He is most often seen following Legion's attack, collecting souls that were barred from moving on to be judged. Although Death cannot be killed, it is possible to damage him and make him vanish from the area, and he will most often attack with his scythe. Being an angel, Death deals more damage to unholy enemies and Undead.


Death is known to be as old as the Multiverse itself, when the concept of death first came into existence. He was assigned by God Himself to oversee the concept of death and ensure that it continues to function until the end of time. Death joined the organization of Abstract Concepts, despite technically not being one himself.

Later eventsEdit

Death's most prominent appearances in the game involve the late game stages, following Legion's attack and the subsequent demonic incursions, which left many souls unable to pass on to the afterlife. Death personally went around collecting them. It is known that he also visits and stays in sight of those who constantly cheat him or otherwise escape him. Death can be reasoned with and convinced to revive someone that the player chooses, although this is very difficult and comes at a price. It is also presumed that Death is the one that allows the player back on the Game Over screen.


Death can appear in two forms. He is most often seen in a skeletal form, in which he resembles a Human skeleton with dark gloves and a black cloak, wielding a short scythe. However, his enhanced form makes him notably taller, and his skeletal appearance vanishes, the inside of his hood being replaced with pure darkness as other body parts sticking out of his cloak are covered in armor. His scythe turns larger, and he sprouts black wings, something which often makes mortals mistake him for a demon, if it were not for his Holy Energy.

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