Destructor Titans are colossal robots developed as war machines by the Virgo Supercluster. When Virgo fell to the Intergalactic Empire, Destructor Titans were used by the Intergalactic Empire, becoming one of the strongest assets in the Empire. The Virgo Supercluster had Titanian engineers from the New Titanian Empire help with the creation of the Destructor Titans, and thus gave them armor made from Uux and weapons that housed Energy Stones. The Titans were originally used to fight the Empire. The Energy Stones in their staffs could release enough raw energy to destroy the surfaces of planets. Many were used during the Trans Galactic War. They are far more dangerous than many other Imperial assets, and players are advised to fight them either in mechs or in starfighters. A.D.U. has destroyed many Destructor Titans by starfighter runs, bombing runs, and sheer artillery. After the Trans Galactic War, most of the Destructor Titans were destroyed. However, about twelve of them remained in the Milky Way. Four were destroyed, the rest were taken by the Trans-Galactic Government and New Titanian Empire.


Destructor Titans are massive, 800 story tall robots. They have a standard humanoid build, and are modeled after a race of six-eyed aliens from the Virgo Supercluster. They have dull gold armor platings, and what appears to be dual power cores in their chests. They wield massive staffs with an Energy Stone built into them. They have no visible mouth, but often blare a loud warhorn.


  • Planets being invaded by the Intergalactic Empire
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