Dolfi is the leader of the German Faction.

Ruling GermanyEdit

Dolfi was a politician who became the dictator of the German Faction, placing the entire country of Germany under his oppressive regime. Despite his success in conquering some other European countries, he is a complete idiot. He constantly attempts to capture Russia and Poland to no avail. While first hailed as a tactical and political genius, he was revealed to be a complete idiot. However, he did commission a company to create a robot known as T-WEHRMACHT for his army.

Trans Galactic WarEdit

During the Trans Galactic War, Dolfi, along with almost all of Europe, refused to join the Government. Thus, they were left to their own, continuous wars.

European Wars Edit

Dolfi is a major character in the constant wars of Europe. If the player joins the German Faction, the storyline will involve helping Germany conquer Poland and Russia. It was at this point in time that Dolfi revealed himself to be a raging anti-furry. T-WEHRMACHT became his right hand man. At one point, Fegelein unleashes many spiders into Dolfi's bunker.


Dolfi is an aging human male. He is always seen in either a uniform or suit, and has a distinctive square mustache.

Quotes Edit

"I have arachnophobia! Ve must leave quickly!"

-Dolfi revealing he has arachnophobia when spiders are unleashed in his bunker.

"I bet Fegelein was behind this!"

-Dolfi accusing Fegelein of planting spiders in his bunker.


-Dolfi continuing to accuse Fegelein.


-Dolfi yelling "NO NO NO NO!" in German.

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