Dracien is the Abstract Concept of magic, and the creator of dragons.

Background[edit | edit source]

Dracien formed in the Realm of the Abstract when magic entered the cosmos. He is known for creating dragons by putting pure magical energy into a reptile, which causes other concepts, such as Life and Nature, to not like Dracien all that much. Dracien now had to keep the dragons in check, as they could spread life but still cause chaos. To do this, Dracien created dragons known as Dragon Kings and the order of the scale to keep the rogues in check. Dragon Kings, although powerful, are not invincible, so Dracien needed to guide them as they grew and passed their thrones to their offsprings. Dracien is known to have a deep hatred of machines, so as advanced races such as Titanians and Humans developed under Industry, Dracien needed to be calmed down. Pearl, an angel who formed a father/daughter-like bond with Dracien, helps keep him calm. Without her, Dracien would go on rampage, which causes Industry to dislike Dracien. Dracien created the Order of the Scale to hunt rogue dragons that left the naturally peaceful life of normal dragons and started killing. The Order of the Scale is a faction of trillions of dragons that are trained to kill rogue dragons. The most recently killed rogues are: Vanheim, Naragier, and Drazeren.

Description[edit | edit source]

Dracien takes the form of a large purple dragon, usually with four or more limbs.

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