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Earth is the third planet in the Solar System, and where the main game takes place. By default, players spawn on Earth.


Uncyberformed Earth

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Earth was formed more than 4.5 billion years before the game's main events. It was divided among many Factions throughout its history. During the Trans Galactic War, most of Earth was united under the Government. A lot of Government territory was cyberformed. During the Trans Galactic War, a planetary shield known as the Great Wall of Terra was built by Mr. President. In the 102nd Millennium, there was an incursion from the Traitorous Titanians, which ravaged part of Earth's surface. In the destruction, many factions were forced off of Earth. The Government then took full control of Earth, and rebuilt it using Cyberformers. It remained this way until the 699th Trillennium, when another invasion destroyed almost all of Earth. Few cities survived. One of them was The Capitol. Then, the Government made a decision. They moved their base of operations onto a planet known as New Earth, and took away the planetary shield. Through a long process and using the help of the New Titanian Empire, Earth was restored to its original state, and the Government packed up their cities and left to New Earth. Now, Earth was once again divided among dozens of small factions. In the 721st Trillennium, a heavily upgraded evil Fabricator tried to use Earth as its base to destroy the Milky Way. Fly McMarty comes from this time period, and saw the Fabricator destroyed with help from someone from the main time frame.


Fully cyberformed Earth in the 941st Millennium

Notable Locations Edit

  • The Capitol: The Government capital. It survived the invasions, and was later moved to New Earth.
  • Iron Grid City: The global power grid site. It survived the invasions, and was later disassembled and rebuilt on New Earth.
  • Newer York: A major Government city, the site of many quests. It was damaged during both invasions, but survived. It was later moved to New Earth.
  • New Angeles: A Government city on the West Coast. It was destroyed in the second invasion, but was rebuilt on New Earth.
  • Zelcosnon City: The Blue Star capital, located in Canada. It was destroyed in the first invasion, and was rebuilt on a new planet.
  • Scorching-Sands Zone: A desert on the East Coast of the United States Region. It was later cyberformed and made into Newer York.
  • The Cardboard Zone: The game's original starting zone. The player starts here if they chose no faction at the start of the game. It remained uncyberformed, and was destroyed in the second invasion.
  • Potassium Zone: A banana based zone outside of Government territory. It was presumably destroyed in the first invasion, and was replaced with cyberformed land and Government cities.
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