Location Edit

The Edge Wall is located at the edge of the Multiverse, and is only accessible from the 5th Dimension.

Description Edit

At the beginning of the universe, God Himself declared that there will be only five inhabitable dimensions: Two to build up the foundations of the Multiverse (1st and 2nd Dimensions), one where his grand plan will play out (3rd Dimension), a waste bin for corrupted assets (4th Dimension), and one to watch over the others (5th Dimension). However, the Multiverse was made in ten dimensional space, and thus, there were 10 dimensions. But God condensed and fused the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th dimensions into one large object, known as the Edge Wall. It resembles a colossal wall that resembles the Government regional walls. It appears to be metal, with glowing elements, guns, vents, entry ports, and other futuristic elements. However, it is impossible for any entity within the Multiverse to see what the Edge Wall truly looks like. Beyond the Edge wall is Heaven, Hell, the Unknown, and The Void.

Notable Locations Edit

  • Entry points: The Edge Wall appears to have entry points, resembling over-sized military bulkheads. It is unknown if they actually open.
  • Turret platforms: There are many platforms jutting out of the Edge Wall, with what appears to be guns on them. These guns resemble plasma artillery cannons. It is unknown if they actually fire.
  • Vents: The vents on the Edge Wall serve an unknown purpose. It is assumed that they expel excess fires from Hell. They also could also serve as an alternate way through the Edge Wall.

Enemies Edit

  • 5th Dimension Military League: Bulk Beings from the Military League guard areas of the Edge Wall, mostly the parts closest to the 5th Dimension.
  • Wardens: Groups of Wardens guard many parts of the Edge Wall, and do not hesitate to shoot anyone who doesn't heed their warnings.
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