Eklos-X is a huge, humanoid robot that was created by the Hydra Supercluster and reprogrammed for the Intergalactic Empire. He was used on many planetary campaigns outside the Milky Way, and is later the target of a quest. He was the strongest of Hydra's assets, and was known as the Land Breaker. He is extremely dangerous to fight alone, and players are recommended to use starfighters or any sort of flying vehicle, as he can easily stomp on ground units and is highly resistant to all attacks. After being destroyed, Eklos-X's wreckage is left on the landscape of the alien world, and later serves a sort of landmark.


Eklos-X is a 150 story tall alien robot, with a humanoid build and dull grey armor plates. He is built from Druumite, a metal with enough strength to match Imperialite. His head is in the form of a dome, and has two eyes with no visible mouth. He has two smokestacks coming out of his shoulders, although it is unknown what is creating the smoke, due to the fact that Eklos-X runs on a fusion core.

Trivia Edit

  • After being destroyed and left as a landmark, Eklos-X is referred to as "The Titan" on the map.
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