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Englatron is a Government planet located in a solar system that is several light years away from Earth.


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Englatron is a Government planet that is primarily made up of colonists of British origin. It has its own planetary security force, the Englatron Security Division, along with its own unique City Guards and a standard presence of soldiers from other divisions. Englatron has a lot of industrial areas, and has many large shipyards. It is also renown for its magnificent institutions of learning, along with its tea. Englatron is a rather luxurious planet and has a very refined social atmosphere, which is what led the Englatron Planetary Administrator to replace the organic City Guards with robots, sparing the lives of many people and making Englatron a safer place, as the robotic Englatron City Guards put down all major crimes.

Notable Locations Edit

  • New Buckingham: The capital of Englatron.
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