Englatron Security units are the standard soldiers of Englatron. They attack any enemies that come into view, and will attack the player if provoked. Their armor makes them heavily resistant to all forms of attacks, although they have less health and resistances than Terran Security Units and most other Military soldiers.

Origins Edit

They are a planetary security division of the Military. Unlike Terran Security, Englatron Security units all wear the same uniform (per division) and use the same weapons.

Description Edit

Englatron Security units wear the same uniform throughout almost all of their main divisions. They wear a red, plasticy coat, which is actually made of durable, laserproof material, which also gives them heavy resistance to physical and flame damage. On their sleeves and neck, yellow and black reflective strips run down the suit in rings. On their back, the same strips run down in x-shapes. They have pouches and other tools on their belt. They wear red pants made out of the same material as their coats, and large black boots with Keplerium soles. They also wear grey Keplerium helmets. If needed, they can equip hazard masks that will fully cover the exposed parts of their head. They all carry the same weapon. Englatron citizens and a few Englatron Security units refer to the gun as a "Bugger", although the gun is actually a Brodieboy-12. Englatron Security units can seem snotty and pompous, but mostly keep the same demeanor as other Military units.

Types of Englatron Security Edit

  • Regional Security: Standard units, wear the red uniform. They patrol the cities and industrial areas of Englatron. Often work alongside Englatron City Guards.
  • Immigration Officer: Also referred to as IOs, these soldiers wear futuristic grey armor, and hunt down anyone who illegally entered Englatron. They are stationed in spaceports. They wear the same armor as their Terran Security counterparts, but have a distinctive armband that denotes them as Englatron Security.
  • Military Police: Simply known as MPs, they guard Military checkpoints. They wear the same armor as the Terran Security Military Police, but have a distinctive armband.
  • Mech Pilots: Pilot Military mechs.
  • Vehicle Operators: Drive many types of armored vehicles.
  • Demolition Units: Utilize explosive weaponry.

Quotes Edit

"Good day."

-Greeting the player.


Greeting a higher ranking soldier or Government official.

"Tea's good, mate."


"Good gravy! Hostiles!"

-Attacked by an enemy.

"Bloody buggers! Fire!"

-Attacked by an enemy.


-Attacked by an enemy.

"A bloody necrotic! Kill it!"

-Attacked by zombies.


-Attacked by Swarmers or other swarming creatures.

"What the bloody hell?!"

-Seeing the player become a Werewolf if they have the trait.

"Move up, move up!"

-Moving in to attack.

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