Escape your hometown before you can't is a small, easy quest that pops up sometime after the player has gotten several levels in XP and has already left their starting town. The quest is triggered if they return to their starting town.


Nice to be back.....but something's not right. You see three spacemen....fully suited up on a world where they can breathe. Suddenly, they turn into trees and die. Now, the trees are coming for you. Escape your hometown before you can't.


You return to your hometown. Things may have changed, but you still feel at home here. But something's off. Three unidentified spacemen, wearing an older model of Government issued civilian spacesuits with no insignia or other identifications, are looking around a random building. Suddenly, they begin turning into trees, calling for help, eventually being fully turned and dying. You must now escape your hometown, or be consumed by the trees. When you escape, the trees stop following you, and the three turned spacemen wither and dissolve. It is now safe to reenter. The only people affected were the spacemen.


The player receives 5 levels worth of XP.


  • It is impossible to stop the trees by any method other than escaping.
  • The player can fail the quest by not escaping, which will cause the trees to consume them and kill them.
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