Exosan is The Mode's right hand man in the 5th Dimension, serving as a sort of minister. He possesses immense amounts of power, just like all other Bulk Beings. When encountered by the player, he will tell them to stay out of his way, and if they don't comply the first few times he will instantly kill them. Exosan cannot be harmed by any attack that any player can throw at him. He seems to like furries, and will occasionally start petting them. Exosan also gives quests in helping the Observation, and can be convinced to bring players to the 5th Dimension.

Origins Edit

Exosan originated in the 5th Dimension, sometime after The Mode. He was enlisted as a minister in The Mode's court, and was a major figure in the Observations. He sometimes travels to other planes on his own, just to see things for himself. He seems to be paranoid that the Inversions of the 4th Dimension will attack the other planes of existence, despite the Inversions being unable to survive outside the 4th Dimension (they can, however, project themselves onto other planes, utilize rifts to drag things into their dimension, and take over the minds of beings from other planes through small rifts). Exosan was married at some point.

Description Edit

Exosan bears a mostly humanoid form. He has 2 arms flowing with cosmic energy, and has a galaxy and black hole in his hands. He has yellow glowing eyes, and has 3 cosmic orbs orbiting him. His skin is a mix of red, green, blue, and yellow. His head resembles some sort of animal, and he seems to be wearing some kind of suit. This is only how he appears in the 3rd Dimension, as it is impossible to perceive his true 5th Dimensional form.

Trivia Edit

  • Exosan is one of the more hostile Bulk Beings, as he will not hesitate to kill anyone in his way, often making The Mode appear to order him back.
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