The Extramultiversal Artifact is a strange, supernatural object that originated from beyond the Multiverse. There is a 5% chance of it being expelled from one of the vents on the Edge Wall, and it can also be found in certain rifts. Physically, it resembles a rather oblong, blunt headed humanoid head. It is a statue, appearing to be made of stone, and has no visible eyes, but a red glow from beneath its unibrow. Approaching the Artifact makes the player's screen start to warp and have static come around its edges. Getting too close will cause whispers and hallucinations to appear. Despite this, the Extramultiversal Artifact is not necessarily dangerous, unless it is exposed to corrupted 4th Dimensional material. If this happens, it will collapse into a black hole, then explode. Although the blast radius is rather small, it will also open a rift that can allow dangerous enemies to cross into the universe. While intact, the Extramultiversal Artifact can be use to transport the player to a hidden boss fight in the Corrupted Multiverse, where they will be met with GlïtçhSküll, an ancient cosmic horror, and are able to battle him. Afterwards, the artifact will disappear.

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