Factions are an essential part of the game. Many enemies/items/quests/NPCs/bosses pertain to a particular faction. This is a list with a general description of all the game's known factions. If the player doesn't select a faction at the start of the game, they will start the Boxy quest series. (Still a heavy WIP)

Known Factions: Edit

The Military Edit

The Military is by far one of the largest and most important faction in the game. Spanning the entire Milky Way map and beyond, the Military keeps order in the worlds and defends against invaders and threats. The Military itself is comprised of many sub-factions, including the Alien Defense Unit (A.D.U), Zombie Defense Corps (Z.D.C.), Supernatural Defense Corps (S.D.C.), Advanced Supernatural Defense Corps (A.S.D.C.), Infantry, and Armored Division. Each one has a separate function, usually based off of their name. The largest and most important division is the Alien Defense Unit, consisting of its own Navy, Army, and Starfighter Corp. Most City Guards are also designated as Military. The Military, despite being its own faction, is under the full control of the Government. The Military is led by generals and admirals, and is headed by Mr. President, who also carries the rank of Commander in Chief. The Military successfully held off the full force of empires far larger than themselves, gradually building up better technology, up to the point where they are nearly unstoppable, using technology that can close black holes, destroy clusters of solar systems, utilize antimatter, absorb supernovas and quasars, cyberform entire planets, terraform entire systems in less than a day, use faster-than-light travel, and create and roll out entire fleets of cruisers in the span of a few hours. They have equipped every branch with highly advanced weapons and assets. Military quests give out some of the best loot in the game, but are the most difficult quests in the game. They hold tensions with a few factions, but try to keep peace between them. The Military has very little knowledge of magic, and soldiers can rarely tell a stick from a magic wand. However, their lack of magical knowledge does not stop them from shooting apart magical beings. The Military is always the only thing standing in between extraterrestrial invaders and the conquest of the universe. The Military currently spans almost all of known space, and with the help of the Wise Titanians, they are spreading across the multiverse. After the Trans-Galactic War, the Military had re purposed and utilized captured Imperial assets. The Military headquarters was relocated to New Earth along with the Government.

The Government Edit

The Government, officially known as the Trans-Galactic Government, is another very important faction, quite possibly the most important faction. Based on Earth (specifically The Capitol), the Government runs practically the entire globe (the Polish Faction, German Faction, and Soviet Faction still operate independently), and all galaxies under their control. As such, they run the entire Milky Way and beyond. They are a democracy headed by Mr. President (Although it is unclear whether or not he was elected, as he has remained in power for far longer than a normal presidential term, and seems to hold monarch like power). The Government is made up of 3 legislative branches, known as the Senate, House of Legislation, and Supreme Court. They handle trans-galactic relations, run and manage the affairs and laws of worlds, and assign City Guards and soldiers to enforce them. The Government also has The Superweapon in their arsenal, which is the most powerful in-game weapon. The Government took full control of Earth after the first Traitor Incursion, and kept control of Earth until the second Titanian Incursion, which caused them to relocate their headquarters to New Earth.

German Faction Edit

The German Faction, led by Dolfi, is an Earth-based faction. They seem to still be living in Septemer 1939. The German Faction also gained advanced weaponry to fight the Soviet Faction. They have tried many times to take Poland, usually to come to a draw or to be stopped by the Soviets. Strangely, they have no tensions with the Military/Government, only with Poland and the Soviets. They have little to no influence outside of Earth. The German Faction was destroyed during the first Traitor Incursion of Earth.

New German Faction Edit

The New German Faction also referred to as the New Kartoffel Faction is an Earth-based faction. They are led by Ferkel who is known for getting attacked by the Memetic's Union. They hold almost no influence outside of Earth. The New German Faction despises the German Faction. This faction is known for having the greatest beer. The New German Faction was destroyed during the first Traitor Incursion of Earth.

Soviet Faction Edit

Also referred to as the Russian Faction, the Soviet Faction is an Earth-based faction. They are made up of an assortment of countries. They have heavy tensions with the German Factions, and always try to take Poland for themselves. They are led by Comrade Stalin, also referred to as Sta'lin the Red. Their level of technology is unknown, but it is assumed that they are equals to Germany and Poland. Recently, the Soviet Faction got a new ruler, only known as Vlad Poot, who declared war on Furcon. They hold little to no influence outside of Earth. They were destroyed during the first Traitor Incursion.

Holy Faction Edit

The Holy Faction is a large faction based in the Heavens and on Earth. They carry a large influence on most of the Milky Way and beyond. The Holy Faction fights against supernatural entities, such as demons, that try to invade the universe. The Holy Faction has very good relations with the Military, and has received large amounts of tech from them. Led by God Himself in the Heavens and the priests down on Earth, the Holy Faction is one of the game's strongest and most essential factions. The Holy Faction does all they can to keep peace between all the game's factions. The Holy Faction survived the first Traitor Incursion, but was forced to relocate their Earth based-headquarters to another planet.

Blue Star Edit

Blue Star is a relatively new faction. They have a large influence over most of the Milky Way. They are technology oriented, and are always coming up with new improvements to their tech. They are allies of the Military, and have their own military force made up of clones and robots. They appear to have a very high level of technology. Many of their robots betrayed them and became evil, starting the Robot War. Blue Star was one of the leading factions fighting back the Combine Invasion. Like the Military, they also re purposed and utilized captured Imperial assets. They survived the first Traitor Incursion, but were forced off of Earth.

Intergalactic Empire Edit

The Intergalactic Empire was a large, highly advanced empire of aliens and robots with a ruling region spanning 17 galaxies. The full extent of their influence is unknown, although it is widely assumed that they ruled thousands of galaxies. Their armies were mostly robots and cyborgs, as well as their commanders. The Intergalactic Emperor himself was a being who gave up his biological existence for a digital one, becoming the most advanced AI in the universe. The Empire held massive amounts of power, being able to create and close black holes, had highly advanced forms of antimatter weaponry, and almost limitless forces. They cyberformed and mechanized many races, including humans they abducted, which became known as Cyberformed Terrans. They sought to conquer all the known universe. They enslaved and slaughtered countless races in their campaign. They were stopped by the Military and Blue Star, who destroyed the Emperor in The Star Palace. With the Emperor's death, the Empire was fractured. The remaining leaders started civil wars for the throne, and left the Milky Way and many galaxies that they captured. Later, during the Robot Wars, a few remnants even joined forces with the Military. Afterwards, many Imperial assets were used by the Military and Blue Star. There is great amounts of evidence that the Intergalactic Empire was in league with the Traitors before the Trans Galactic War.

The Mad Titanians Edit

Little is known about this faction. They were made up of Titanians who broke away from the Titanian Empire and built powerful Gauntlets. They were once with the Traitors, but then broke off from them and formed their own independent group. They went into hiding in deep, uncharted space and built up power. Then, they revealed themselves and tried to attack the Milky Way, but were erased from existence by Mr. President.

White Star Edit

Not much is known about White Star. They are known to be enemies of Blue Star and the Military, and during the Combine Wars, they joined the Combine along with Quad Star and several other factions. It is said that in the White Star vs Blue Star questline, you can join White or Blue Star, but this is unconfirmed.

The Titanian Empire Edit

The Old Titanian Empire was the single greatest 3rd Dimensional kingdom to ever exist, once uniting the entire multiverse under one banner, the only time multiversal peace was achieved. The Titanian Empire was the first multiversal empire to ever exist, formed by the Titanians, who were among the first species in the 3rd Dimension, and the only civilization from the 3rd Dimension to create Space Stone technology and utilize Space Stones. Their expeditions made it to the 5th Dimension, the 1st Dimension, and even to subspace. It was a benevolent, democratic government, and worked with the 5th Dimension to refine Cosmic Law. However, many historical records of the empire was lost, as the Titanian Empire fell into civil war and broke, and the Archives were attacked, destroying many historical records. Although the old empire no longer exists, it is survived by the Wise Titanians, who make up the New Titanian Empire. After the Titanian Empire broke, many smaller multiversal empires were founded, such as the Dominion. But they were all long gone by the time of the game's main events, either destroyed or assimilated.

The Wise Titanians Edit

The Wise Titanians, or the New Titanian Empire, formed out of the Titanians on one side of the Great Titanian Civil War, who sought to restore peace to the cosmos. They wage a war against the Traitors, while saving as many as they can and enforcing Multiversal Security. They later worked with the Government, placing the True Timeline under their protection. They use Enforcers to make sure that Cosmic Law is obeyed. They rule in the same fashion as the Old Titanian Empire.

The Traitorous Titanians Edit

The Traitors, or the Titan Regime, formed out of the Titanians who sought to rule the cosmos with an iron fist and broke the Old Titanian Empire. They lay waste to entire universes, committed a mass genocide of sentient subspace entities, and joined with other evil organizations in their cosmic conquest to destroy the Wise and rule the 3rd Dimension as gods. They rule in a dictatorship, headed by the evil Regime Overlord, who has an array of advisors beneath him.

Order of the Scale Edit

Dracien created the Order of the Scale to hunt rogue dragons that left the naturally peaceful life of normal dragons and started killing. The Order of the Scale is a faction of trillions of dragons that are trained to kill rogue dragons. Dragon kings were made to command the order of the scale and have done so ever since. The current dragon king is Drakken. The most recently killed rogues are: Vanheim, Naragier, and Drazeren.

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