The Fallen Timeline is a very unique timeline. Its exact description and history are unknown, as God Himself commanded that no one may enter or leave the timeline until it had fallen, and put several Wardens to enforce this, along with a few more powerful beings known as Expeditioners. It is the home of The Last Player. All that is known about this timeline is that it was truly organized as a video game, with people who identified as NPCs, but there were a few who were "Players" (The Last Player was one of them). However, at one point in the timeline's history, an event known as the Day of the Banned came to pass, which was carried out by a group known as the Void Faction, which ended up destroying the Fallen Timeline, and it became one of the Dead Universes. However, since it wasn't a corrupted timeline from the Corrupted Multiverse, The Void did not consume it, and the Fallen Timeline was left empty and lifeless. After it fell, the Wardens and Expeditioners guarding it left. However, unlike the other Dead Universes, the past of the Fallen Timeline was still able to be accessed, but only by one who had come from it. A quest series known as Back To The Fallen uses this mechanic. Presumably, the timeline was reborn by the actions of The Last Player. Let it be noted that the true name of this timeline is not actually Fallen Timeline. It was dubbed that after it was destroyed.

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