False God was one of the game's developers. He was the manager of the part of the development team that handled the game's online features. However, for reasons unknown, he tried to rewrite the game by reversing the game's timeline. This caused the game to reset completely. Afterwards, there was an incident involving the other devs, where False God ended up being arrested and later murdered in prison. He gained the nickname of False God for claiming to be God.

Game Development[edit | edit source]

False God was part of the game's original development team. He was the head of the group that created the game's online features.

Game Reset[edit | edit source]

For reasons still unknown, False God was very frustrated with the game. Taking on the alias of God Himself, he began to reverse the game's timeline, which began to erase everything in the game. Fortunately, this activated the game's final contingency, which reset the game back to its last stable version.

Arrest and death[edit | edit source]

After the game was reset, other devs realized that it was False God who had tried to erase the game. One tried to reason with him, but False God picked up his keyboard and struck the other dev many times with it. Two other devs held False God down as the police arrived. When the officers came in, he also swung at them. He was arrested and taken to the station on charges of aggravated assault and resisting arrest. Later that same night, while in the detention cell, another man was placed with him. That man was a robber who had tried to rob a convenience store using a knife. Based on news reports and the police accounts, False God got into an argument with him, and the robber then strangled False God and slammed his head into the wall many times, killing False God.

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