Fly McMarty is an NPC from the far future, who comes back in time during the midgame stages and asks the player to help him save the future. If the player accepts, they will join him for a quest. If they refuse, he will take off and disappear.


Fly McMarty was born in the 721st Trillennium, a time when all the factions had left Earth following heavy damage dealt during the waning ages of the Titanian Civil War. The entire Capitol became a space station and later joined New Earth. However, Earth was left without any governments or laws. Some civilizations rebuilt themselves, but a new threat rose up. A giant Fabricator had arrived, and was using Earth to upgrade himself before he went out to conquer the galaxy. Using an old time machine he dug up from a Government bunker left behind, he went back to the game's main time frame to ask the players for help. The Fabricator was using not only conventional power, but geothermal energy and life energy from the population. However, people from the main time frame had a type of life energy that would overload the generators and destroy the Fabricator. Fly McMarty would bring the player to the 721st Trillenium and then wait for their return. After the tower where the Fabricator is was destroyed, and the player returned home by the rush of energy, Fly McMarty sends them a newspaper from the future, telling them that they have won, and drops off a lot of money.

Description Edit

Fly McMarty is a teenage Human male, wearing a silvery jacket, grey pants, and metal-soled shoes. He has a baseball cap with a unique color design, and wears seemingly ordinary sunglasses. He has fair skin and brown hair.

Quotes Edit

"Hey you! Are you up to going to the really distant future with me?"

-Fly McMarty's quest.

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