"Freedom flies in New Boxington" is the second quest of the "Boxy quest series". It introduces the player to the HEAT system. This quest takes place in New Boxington's bar.

Description Edit

You encounter Boxy in the bar. He offers you a drink. Before you could accept or refuse you hear someone shouting your name outside.

"I know what you did!"

Boxy:"It's the city guards!"

What do you do?

Story Edit

The protagonist can either try to reason with the city guards or fight them. The bartender opens a secret exit door. The protagonist can use it to escape or continue fighting/reasoning. At this point the player gets a notification:

"Avoid the city guards. Only kill them if they are in your way!" At this point the protagonist is forced to run away. During their escape they will fight against two city guards. Once they are dealt with the protagonist can escape.

Once the protagonist has escaped the city guards they will get a notification:

"You have escaped the city guards! Remaining HEAT: 10."

Boxy will say:"We should split up and meet at Boxwood Forest."

Reward Edit

The protagonist gets 100 XP for completing the quest. For every city guard they have defeated on the way they get 10 bonus XP. Completing this quest unlocks To live and die in Boxwood Forest and Boxwood Forest.

Trivia Edit

The player can fail the quest by attacking Boxy, getting arrested, knocked out or killed.

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