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General Mattis is an A.D.U. 5 star general. He served during the Trans Galactic War, spearheading the assaults on the Imperial forces at the edge of the Milky Way. In the early stages of the Galactic Salvation storyline, General Mattis will ask the player to help him lead the final assault on the Viceroy's Sanctuary, as Mattis was heavily damaged from personally leading the charges. Mattis was one of the main organizers of the Assault on the Star Palace. Afterwards, he became the Government's Secretary of Defense. He was seen again during the reign of the Sphere-Heads.


General Mattis of Murica is a rather elderly human male, and an excellent military strategist. He wears either his uniform or a fine suit. When in battle, he wears a heavy set of A.D.U. armor, which would later become the inspiration for the A.D.U. Juggernaut Armor. His armor is blue, with white stars on the left shoulder and the stripes of the original Government flag on the right shoulder. There is a golden skull on his chest. He has a large, bulky jetpack, which has a component that appears to be a crayon. Mattis himself has white hair and wrinkles.


"I'm here to ask you something on behalf of freedom and liberty."

-Mattis' quest.

"Damn alien robots can't take a hint, can they?"

-Attacking Imperial enemies.