General Norris is a Military commander that is encountered after the Trans Galactic War. He asks the player to help him test out a pre-war machine gun, and the player is rewarded with 25 levels worth of XP afterwards. Attacking General Norris is a big mistake, as he will roundhouse kick the player into oblivion. General Norris does not display his amazing might all that much in his encounter, but he does shoot targets moving at lightspeed without missing a shot, and drinks lava without taking any damage.

Origins and careerEdit

General Norris was once an ordinary human man, until a dying Greater Celestial Entity infused his essence into him to pass on his power. With that, Norris became one of the strongest humans alive, and grew a beard to prove it. He quickly rose up in rank, and became a general during the Trans-Galactic War, securing many planets from the Intergalactic Empire, usually by personally leading the attacks. After the war, although he was still a commander, he was more laid back, and decided to look over the old things he used to do for fun.


General Norris is a strong, well built man with a beard, light skin, and brown hair. He often wears his old Military BDUs.


"You mind helping me give this ol' gun a whirl?"

-Asking the player to help him.

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