Getting the money is the fourth and final quest of the "Boxy quest series" it starts in the Corrugated Industrial Area and ends in Boxwood Forest. It introduces the player to cars.

Description[edit | edit source]

Tom:"What the box are you doing?"

Boxy:"I got a plan. We sell this dude in exchange of money."

Protagonist:"What? No!"

Boxy:"Don't worry, they are nice cult guys. They said they only want to keep him for dinner."

Story[edit | edit source]

Boxy decides to give a guy to a cult in exchange of money.

Tom will ask the cult to give him the money before bringing the man.

The player can now either run away with the money and the kidnapped man or complete the exchange normally.

Tom will ask the player to pay off their bounty. Boxy refuses screaming:"We need more money! Thats mine! Have some box-damn faith!" Tom will use a cardboard car to drive away. Boxy will chase Tom with his cardboard car. The protagonist can now chose to either help Tom or Boxy by getting into one of the cars.

The protagonist either chases Tom to Boxwood Forest or gets chased by Boxy to Boxwood Forest.

Both cars fall of a cliff. Everyone barely survives. Boxy is still very angry and offers the player 5000 G.

At this point the protagonist can kill Tom to get more money or kill Boxy and get the box cutter of regret.

Afterwards the player pays off their bounty.

Reward[edit | edit source]

Selling the kidnapped guy: 6000 G

Your cut: 1000 G

Boxy's cut: 1000 G (if alive)

Tom's cut: 1000 G (if alive)

If Boxy has been knocked out he will get 0 G.

Paying off the bounty: -4000 G.

+5000 G for killing Tom.

Box cutter of regret for killing Boxy.

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